Our History

Designed by the legendary architect Donald Ross, the Pocasset Golf Club was first built in the very early 1900s on rolling, natural terrain utilizing the original clubhouse and barn which are still standing on the waterside of Shore Road. Modern machinery had yet to be invested, and workers, assisted by horses and plows, toiled with axes and grub hoes, digging up pines and cedars to create holes on land once used for farming.


The Village of Pocasset was a vacation destination for many, with steam trains bringing folks to Bourne, stopping at a station then located to the right of our 6th tee.

Nearby on the water side of the station were hotels, and in the other direction, a road wound its way up between the 7th and 8th fairways and beyond, to the village and a large iron foundry that employed many local residents.



While the course has undergone considerable changes over the years, many of the original Ross designs remain and Ron Force, a noted devotee of Donald Ross who stayed true to the Ross vision, has designed all recent course restoration. We hope you will enjoy our golf course, it’s natural beauty and the many special challenges it brings.

Then & Now


Until the 1930s, with the clubhouse and course situated on the water side of Shore Road, four holes ran along the bluff overlooking Hen Cove. However, sometime after the difficult economic times of World War II, that now desirable land was sold off to property developers, and the remaining club was put up for sale.

In 1948 the club was sold to William Carr, who moved the old Pro Shop by road to a new location on the other side of Shore Road. There, it was converted to a small clubhouse with a 1st and 18th hole running in a parallel fashion to the railroad tracks along what is now Windsong Circle. That clubhouse still stands on the corner, converted to a house with a large deck once used by club members still evident.

Milder Cape winters over the next several decades found the club bustling with groups of “northerners” driving down to play this convenient location. Then in 1970, Mr. Carr built a new clubhouse at its current location. Later in the early 80s, the entire course was brought to this side of the tracks by creating our present 6th, 7th, and 8th holes.


In 1988, with an interest in preserving this as a golf course, Mr. Carr sold to a group of four members who became the current founders. They arranged the financing for a new private equity club, signing on many of its old members. The new membership survived the recession of the early nineties with much effort and great resiliency. Over the next ten years, while faithfully following a master plan, and with a strong wind at their backs, a total refurbishment of the course was completed. Soon after that, a new pro shop was constructed and a dramatic renovation of the clubhouse was finished in 2007.

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