Junior Golf Program


The Pocasset Junior program, is a combination of instruction and competition.  The Pocasset Junior Program is an introduction to the lifelong game of golf with emphasis on development of the swing, shot making, as well as the general customs and etiquette of the game.  The Junior Program is open to sons, daughters, grandsons and granddaughters who have reached their 7th birthday and have not reached their 19th birthday in 2016.  These clinics are open to all juniors of ALL Skill levels.  Pocasset Golf Club Junior Golf is not your typical Junior Golf Program.  While learning these fundamentals the Junior Golfers will be playing FUN games and drills that promote the correct fundamentals.  The juniors will be running, skipping, throwing balls, kicking balls, tug-o-war, and of course the 2 all time favorites Sumo Wrestling and Pillow Golf.  Every one of these FUN games and drills are teaching our juniors core fundamentals of the golf swing which cover putting, chipping, pitching, bunker play and the full swing.  We also have games that will teach Etiquette, Rules of Golf and Course Management.  While observing our clinics they will not look like your average junior golf clinic and if you have any questions to why we do certain games and drills feel free to ask one of our PGA Professionals 

2017 Dates and Times will be posted once the golf schedule is confirmed for 2017, any questions please email Robert Foster, PGA at RFoster@pga.com. Thank you.

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